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2016 Subaru Liberty Road Test Prelude Video



A great prelude to the full 2016 Subaru Liberty road test video, the video features the Liberty (naturally), and beautiful Sydney Harbour Scenics.

For more information on the new Subaru Liberty, visit the article from earlier today:

2016 Subaru Liberty Vision Enhanced


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2016 Subaru Liberty Vision Enhanced



2016 Subaru Liberty

Subaru is adding a package of Vision Assist features to premium variants of its newly launched Model Year 2016 Subaru Liberty All-Wheel Drive range.

The extra layer of safety technology is in addition to the award-winning EyeSight® driver assist system, already available on every current model Liberty.
The Vision Assist elements available on Liberty 2.5i Premium and 3.6R are:

  • Blind Spot Monitoring
  • Lane Change Assist
  • Auto dimming rear view mirror
  • High Beam Assist
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert
    • Detects passing vehicles when reversing from parking spaces

Another safety development in every Liberty is the addition of an Emergency Stop Signal (ESS), which detects an emergency brake situation and flashes the hazard lights automatically, to warn following vehicles.

Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) is further reduced in Liberty through fine-tuning of the shock absorbers, with less impact harshness on sharp bumps.

While Liberty retains its excellent smooth tarmac stability, handling is enhanced on coarse, rough surfaces and floor vibrations are reduced.

This is reflected in improved roll, pitch, dive and float control – Liberty feels flatter through corners, with the suspension settling and resolving more quickly.

Entry-level Liberty 2.5i adds electric folding wing mirrors.

Liberty 2.5i Premium and 3.6R with factory fitted satellite navigation are also subject to the new Subaru Map Update Program. This includes the Latest Map Guarantee, ensuring the latest map version is installed before vehicle delivery. Also included is the Three Year Map Update Guarantee – a complimentary yearly map update during the program period, subject to the vehicle having its scheduled services performed through an authorised Subaru Service Centre.

A new colour in the range is Dark Blue Pearl.

Nick Senior, Subaru Australia Managing Director, said: “Subaru is renowned for pioneering safety technologies from ABS to airbags and EyeSight, and Vision Assist features are the latest step in our safety-first journey.

“We introduced some of these features in premium WRX and WRX STI variants last year and, as we’ve demonstrated so many times over decades, we follow a deliberate path of offering new safety technologies to a wider audience over time.”

New generation Liberty is proving a major winner for Subaru, with sales of 4097, up 293.6 per cent in 2015, making it the third best-seller in the medium car segment.

Mr Senior added: “There’s no doubt that Liberty has proved itself a rare exception in the medium car category over the past year, with fantastic growth.

“We put that down to the combination of comprehensive specification and pricing that have reinvigorated its appeal.

“Liberty is the first mainstream range of any brand to offer technology like EyeSight in every variant, and that has produced tremendous consumer confidence, which is also reflected in insurance premiums.

“We’re also getting increasing feedback that EyeSight is helping fleet clients save money due to reduced vehicle – and employee time – off road due to accidents.

“Because the system’s been around a few years, the statistics are showing some very interesting positive trends that can only underline the benefits of EyeSight.”

Mr Senior quoted a recent communication from an Adelaide-based fleet that operates 565 vehicles, includes 125 Subarus, of which 51 are currently EyeSight-equipped.

“They told us they have recorded 358 incidents with damage since January 1, 2014. Those included 68 with damage to the front bumper, 19 forward collision driving accidents with another vehicle, and 26 including wildlife strikes.”

However, of all those incidents and accidents, only one involved an EyeSight vehicle, with front bumper damage – and that occurred when the vehicle turned a corner and collided with a car that would not have been picked up by EyeSight.

“That is clear proof that EyeSight is worth every cent and also benefits employee safety.”

As with the entire Subaru new vehicle range, every Outback has a high five-star rating for occupant safety from the independent Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP).


Liberty 2.5i CVT                                  $29,990
Liberty 2.5i Premium CVT                  $35,990 (+$500)
Liberty 3.6R                                        $42,490 (+$500)

*Prices are Subaru (Aust) Pty Limited’s Manufacturer’s List Prices only and include GST on the list price but exclude dealer delivery charges and all other government and statutory charges. For the drive away price of Subaru vehicles consumers should be advised to contact their local authorized Subaru dealer.   

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