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Ford’s Australian Investment Brings More Excitement with New Fiesta and Focus ST Mountune Performance Products



Mountune Performance Products

Ford’s commitment to Australia continues to grow beyond billions in local R&D as it expands its award-winning lineup, including the launch of Mountune Performance Kits so Fiesta ST and Focus ST can tune in even more excitement to the already acclaimed hot hatch duo.

“Our Australian R&D and product investments are paying off as we transform Ford in Australia and customers respond to our new vehicles,” says Graeme Whickman, President and CEO, Ford of Australia. “We think our new Mountune Performance packs will bring even more excitement as we expand our performance vehicle lineup as part of plans to launch 20 new vehicles by 2020.”

The kits will be available in Australia by mid-year for the first time after being added to the recently announced Ford Licensed Accessories (FLA) program for 2016. Introduced in February 2016 the FLA program will allow Ford Australia to grow the range of accessories available for sale, back them with a comprehensive Ford warranty, offer aftermarket accessory products, including some bearing the Ford logos, that have undergone a robust governance process and quality assessment by Ford.

Once installed, Fiesta ST power increases to 158kW at 6000rpm and torque is raised to 320Nm at 3000rpm while Ford Focus ST power increases from 184kW/345Nm to 202kW at 5500rpm and torque is raised to 400Nm at 2750rpm. Performance data was measured using 95RON fuel.

The performance packs build on the vehicles’ solid foundations as Fiesta ST was named Best Performance Car Under $100,000 in 2015 by and Focus ST was crowned Drive’s Best Performance Car under $60,000 in 2015.

Mountune Performance Kits for Fiesta ST and Focus ST Ford Fiesta ST:

The Mountune Performance MP215 package for the Ford Fiesta ST consists of:

  • Custom aluminium high-flow airbox with dual cold air feeds
  • Mountune high-flow panel air filter
  • Porous lower air feed hose
  • Required hardware / clips
  • Revised engine calibration
  • Mountune Performance badge
  • mTune handset for performance calibration

The Fiesta ST kit takes approximately one hour to fit and has a recommended retail price of $2328.

Ford Focus ST:

The Mountune Performance MP275 package for the Ford Focus ST consists of:

  • Large-capacity alloy intercooler (black no logo)
  • Low-cost cast crossover duct (black)
  • High-flow dual-entry air filter
  • Revised engine calibration
  • Mountune Performance badge
  • mTune handset for performance calibration

The Focus ST kit takes approximately two hours to fit and has a recommended retail price of $4135.

Buy with Confidence – Ford Licensed Accessories Program
The FLA Program was launched in February 2016 and allows Ford to grow the range of accessories available to customers, whilst backing them with a comprehensive Ford warranty.

Mountune Performance products are some of the first to be offered as part of the new FLA program.

FLAs sold by an authorised Ford dealer will be covered by the Ford Express New Vehicle Warranty of 3 years/100,000kms when fitted at point of new vehicle sale.

FLAs sold and fitted by an authorised Ford Dealer after vehicle delivery will be covered by the reminder of the Ford Express New Vehicle Warranty period or the 12 months/20,000kms Ford Express Parts and Accessories Warranty – whichever is longer.

FLAs sold by an authorised Ford Dealer as over the counter parts will be covered by the Ford Express Parts and Accessories Warranty of 12 months/20,000kms. Dealers must request that the customer provide proof of purchase of the FLA.

About Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company, a global automotive industry leader based in Dearborn, Mich., manufactures or distributes automobiles across six continents. With about 194,000 employees and 66 plants worldwide, the company’s automotive brands include Ford and Lincoln. The company provides financial services through Ford Motor Credit Company. For more information regarding Ford’s products, please visit


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Narva upgrades 2016 L.E.D Work Lamp range



Narva 2016 LED Work Lamp Range

Narva upgrades 2016 L.E.D Work Lamp range yet prices stay the same – It’s not often you get something for nothing, but in the case of Narva’s latest L.E.D work lamp range the opposite is true, with many models receiving upgrades while pricing has remained unchanged.

There has been a steady shift towards L.E.D work lamps in recent times due to their many benefits over their halogen counterparts.  Among these benefits are a low current draw and a greater resistance to shock and vibration leading to a longer product life.

Furthermore, the quality of light emitted by L.E.D lamps is considerably whiter and brighter than halogen counterparts, providing greater illumination in the work environment and a quality of light that more closely resembles natural daylight.

The latest upgrades to selected models include increases in light output by up to 60 per cent.  This has been achieved by upsizing from 3W to 5W L.E.Ds in certain variants and moving from 5W to 10W L.E.Ds in others.

Narva’s design team has also worked on the lamps’ aesthetics, delivering sleek and modern new designs while not compromising on the strength and durability the lamps are well regarded for, including virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lens and heavy-duty stainless steel mounting hardware.

The range of L.E.D Work Lamps comprises of three sizes, each of which is also available in white for marine applications, with these utilising stainless steel 316 fittings and all share the similar family design characteristics. Across the 8 lamps in the range the light output ranges from 900 Lumens for the smaller oval shaped lamp to an astonishing 4800 Lumens for the top of the range rectangular model which comprises of 6 10W L.E.Ds.

Despite the large increase in light output the current draw remains exceptionally low with the smallest unit drawing a mere 0.58A and the largest uniting drawing just 3.0A (at 12V).

The upgraded L.E.D Work Lamps are covered by a 5-year L.E.D warranty and are just a small selection of Narva’s expansive work lamp range.  They can be purchased at all leading transport, automotive and four wheel drive outlets throughout Australia at prices starting from approximately $110.00.



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Narva Introduces All New Interior LED Globes



Narva LED Interior Globes

Narva Introduces All New Interior LED Globes – It’s now easy to upgrade the look and feel of vehicle interiors and enjoy the many other benefits that L.E.D lighting delivers, following the release of Narva’s all-new interior performance 12V L.E.D globes.

The new performance L.E.D globes provide a brighter light output than traditional globes and unlike most L.E.D globes boast 270° of illumination, while only drawing approximately 20 per cent power of the older style incandescent globes.

Four different colour options are available in the new L.E.D globes: ‘Day White’, ‘Cool White’, ‘Warm Red’ and ‘Cobalt Blue’, ensuring an excellent choice for buyers looking to create their desired ambience.

The new globes are ideal for fitment in most interior areas of cars, boats and recreational vehicles including luggage spaces. It has also become popular to fit L.E.D globes as park or licence plate lights providing a more customised vehicle look (although this is not ADR approved).

For easy fitment, the new globes are non-polarised, meaning that they can be connected in any direction in the globe holder without the risk of shorting out.  And for added peace of mind, all globes are covered by a 3-year L.E.D warranty.

Available in: – T-10 in both festoon and wedge as well as T-15 wedge and SV8-5.8 festoon.
Narva’s new L.E.D interior performance globes are available from leading automotive, marine and four wheel drive outlets nation-wide starting from a recommended retail price of approximately $15.

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Narva Probe II Inspection Light Twice as Bright



Narva Probe II

The Probe, already a popular slimline inspection light for use in confined spaces and hard to reach areas, Narva’s Probe now has a replacement, the Narva Probe II, which builds on the many benefits of its predecessor.

Offering twice the light output, along with five hours of continuous illumination, the inspection light can now be charged via micro USB cable.

While these improvements alone will have users clambering for it in the workshop, the benefits don’t stop there.

Other upgrades include a larger rubber moulded grip that is specifically designed to provide non-slip comfort when handling, and a more robust construction, making the Probe II suitable for use also as a general inspection light.

Using the latest high intensity SMD L.E.D technology, the Probe II provides a smooth, broad and even light output. As with the previous Probe, the latest version makes use of handy top-mounted L.E.Ds to provide end tip illumination in small, confined spaces.

Further strengthening its credentials for demanding applications, the lamp features durable construction incorporating a shatterproof polycarbonate lens and is fully sealed to IP66 rating.

Equipped with a Lithium-ion battery, the Probe II benefits from a dramatically-improved run time providing a longer shelf life with no memory effect, meaning the lamp can be recharged at any time and does not require a full charge to continue operating.  To monitor battery status, an L.E.D indicator flashes red when recharging is needed and blue when charged.

To charge the lamp, the Probe II couples to a convenient docking station that can charge directly with the supplied 240V USB charger (includes micro USB lead allowing charging from vehicles and computers) or via the optional 12V USB adaptors.

Despite the many enhancements it boasts over the previous generation lamp, the new Probe II has not increased in price.  It can be purchased from leading automotive, four wheel drive and transport outlets nation-wide, with a recommended retail price of approximately $119.00.

Additional details can be found by visiting the Narva website at

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