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Mahindra Australia Launches Integrated National Marketing Campaign



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Mahindra Australia, a part of USD 16.9 billion Mahindra Group, today announced the launch of ‘My Mahindra’  an Integrated National Marketing Campaign with cricket legend Matthew Hayden as its brand ambassador. The 360 degree ‘My Mahindra’ campaign will be rolled out nationally mid-February, with Matthew Hayden promoting and endorsing both automotive and tractor products in the Australian market.

The ‘My Mahindra Campaign’ brings together the two global brands – Mahindra and Matthew Hayden based on their strong alignment of values including the spirit of adventure, hard-working no-nonsense approach, commitment to family and a strong connect with rural communities. The aligned values were the inspiration to undertake an overall brand association campaign with a brand ambassador, for the first time. The campaign draws upon consumer insights and the inherent capabilities of Mahindra vehicles, be its DNA of tough and rugged or its ability to take on any terrain.

Speaking on the core idea of the campaign, James Halliwell, Mahindra Australia National Marketing Manager, said, “The ‘My Mahindra’ campaign delves into Matthew’s everyday life, his post cricket days, as a busy businessman, public speaker and running The Hayden Way. Known distinctly for his family values, connection to farming communities and love for the great Aussie outdoors, Matthew has an immediate connect with Australians who in turn will relate to the role of Mahindra products in his day to day life”.

To further enhance Matthew’s connection with the Mahindra range of products, Russell Thiele, National Sales Manager for Mahindra Automotive Australia Pty Ltd handed over a Mahindra PikUp 2016 to Matthew Hayden. “We have specked Matthew Hayden’s Mahindra PikUp with features such as our full mine spec suspension upgrade, underbody bash plates as well as a Snorkel and colour coded checker plate tray. Matthew tends to spend a lot of time on the coast and in the bush with his various fishing pursuits, so we thought it best to give Matthew a 4×4 vehicle that allows him to get to his favourite spots without any drama.”

The 2016 model year Mahindra PikUp features improved fuel economy of 8.41L*/100km (*ADR 81/02) with diesel start stop technology.

Speaking on his plans for the Mahindra PikUp, cricket legend, Matthew Hayden, said, “Like all other Australians, summer is a special time of the year for me as I plan many outdoor activities in advance. I have always been a fan of North Stradbroke Island and I shall use my PikUp just like the way we used it in the television commercial for the ‘My Mahindra’ campaign. My Mahindra PikUp will mostly be on the beach while I am out surfing or fishing with my kids. Over the past month I have used it a lot on the beach and it has been a head turner having outperformed some of its better known competitors on the soft sand”.

The ‘My Mahindra’ campaign will be rolled out for the first time in national Television, Newspaper and Digital media as planned by Mahindra’s media and creative agency Dutch Media.


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