Mercedes-Benz Vito, V-Class and Valente again score ANCAP 5-Star Rating


Mercedes-Benz Vito, V-Class and Valente again score ANCAP 5-Star Rating – Melbourne – In 2009 The Mercedes-Benz Vito was given the first ever 5-star rating for a light commercial van by the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP). The luxury passenger Viano and Valente variants were  at the same time granted the rating by ANCAP.

With the development of more stringent and detailed assessment criteria by ANCAP with date stamping of results it was time for the new Vito, V-Class and Valente to be rated by ANCAP.

Now in 2016 ANCAP has again recognised the new Vito with a 5 Star ANCAP rating for all Vito’s equipped with Side Impact Airbags. Currently these Side Impact bags are optional in Vito and any Vito so equipped is rated as a 5-Star vehicle.

Any Vito ordered from today ( July production) will share the 5-Star ANCAP rating of the current V-Class and Valente passenger vehicles which are rated as 5-Star by ANCAP.

Diane Tarr, Managing Director, Mercedes-Benz Vans said

“Our Van customers will continue to enjoy the same safety technologies as passenger car drivers, and we have worked closely with ANCAP since the launch of the current Vito to ensure that we would achieve the more stringent and detailed assessment criteria to achieve a 5-Star rating. I want to praise the co-operative engagement by ANCAP which has been instrumental in us achieving this result.

We have since launch experienced a good take up rate of the Side Airbag option on Vito, vehicles so equipped are rated as 5-Star. However we wanted to lift the bar even higher so we have worked with the factory to overcome production limitations and negotiated hard to make side impact bags standard equipment from July and as such all Vito’s ordered from today ( production July 2016 ) will be rated as 5-Star.

As a company we are proud that this 5-star result makes for a much safer workplace available to the many thousands of van drivers who spend long working days in their vehicles all over Australia.

After all, these vans are people’s workplaces and making side airbag’s standard means our Vito’s safety will make a real-world difference to their work place safety every single day.’’

Horst von Sanden, Managing Director, Mercedes-Benz Cars said

“I want to congratulate Diane and her Vans team and the entire ANCAP team in working so co-operatively and effectively to deliver this result for our Vito customers. Vehicle safety is not a one dimensional issue and this result demonstrates what can be achieved when all stakeholders work together to improve vehicle safety. I am very proud that the Vito joins the V-Class and Valente in being rated as 5-Star by ANCAP. “