Narva Introduces All New Interior LED Globes – It’s now easy to upgrade the look and feel of vehicle interiors and enjoy the many other benefits that L.E.D lighting delivers, following the release of Narva’s all-new interior performance 12V L.E.D globes.

The new performance L.E.D globes provide a brighter light output than traditional globes and unlike most L.E.D globes boast 270° of illumination, while only drawing approximately 20 per cent power of the older style incandescent globes.

Four different colour options are available in the new L.E.D globes: ‘Day White’, ‘Cool White’, ‘Warm Red’ and ‘Cobalt Blue’, ensuring an excellent choice for buyers looking to create their desired ambience.

The new globes are ideal for fitment in most interior areas of cars, boats and recreational vehicles including luggage spaces. It has also become popular to fit L.E.D globes as park or licence plate lights providing a more customised vehicle look (although this is not ADR approved).

For easy fitment, the new globes are non-polarised, meaning that they can be connected in any direction in the globe holder without the risk of shorting out.  And for added peace of mind, all globes are covered by a 3-year L.E.D warranty.

Available in: – T-10 in both festoon and wedge as well as T-15 wedge and SV8-5.8 festoon.
Narva’s new L.E.D interior performance globes are available from leading automotive, marine and four wheel drive outlets nation-wide starting from a recommended retail price of approximately $15.