Narva upgrades 2016 L.E.D Work Lamp range yet prices stay the same – It’s not often you get something for nothing, but in the case of Narva’s latest L.E.D work lamp range the opposite is true, with many models receiving upgrades while pricing has remained unchanged.

There has been a steady shift towards L.E.D work lamps in recent times due to their many benefits over their halogen counterparts.  Among these benefits are a low current draw and a greater resistance to shock and vibration leading to a longer product life.

Furthermore, the quality of light emitted by L.E.D lamps is considerably whiter and brighter than halogen counterparts, providing greater illumination in the work environment and a quality of light that more closely resembles natural daylight.

The latest upgrades to selected models include increases in light output by up to 60 per cent.  This has been achieved by upsizing from 3W to 5W L.E.Ds in certain variants and moving from 5W to 10W L.E.Ds in others.

Narva’s design team has also worked on the lamps’ aesthetics, delivering sleek and modern new designs while not compromising on the strength and durability the lamps are well regarded for, including virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lens and heavy-duty stainless steel mounting hardware.

The range of L.E.D Work Lamps comprises of three sizes, each of which is also available in white for marine applications, with these utilising stainless steel 316 fittings and all share the similar family design characteristics. Across the 8 lamps in the range the light output ranges from 900 Lumens for the smaller oval shaped lamp to an astonishing 4800 Lumens for the top of the range rectangular model which comprises of 6 10W L.E.Ds.

Despite the large increase in light output the current draw remains exceptionally low with the smallest unit drawing a mere 0.58A and the largest uniting drawing just 3.0A (at 12V).

The upgraded L.E.D Work Lamps are covered by a 5-year L.E.D warranty and are just a small selection of Narva’s expansive work lamp range.  They can be purchased at all leading transport, automotive and four wheel drive outlets throughout Australia at prices starting from approximately $110.00.