All New ‘Platinum Plus 130 – Narva’s Most Powerful Globe – Leading automotive lighting and electrical company, Narva, continues to raise the benchmark in the lighting stakes following the recent release if its ‘Platinum Plus 130’ globes which offer huge performance gains over more traditional globes.

The all-new Platinum Plus 130 globes provide a remarkable 130 per cent higher light volume compared to a standard globe. Additionally users also benefit from a 20 per cent whiter light output (3750°K).

The longer beam penetration provides extra forward visibility of up to 40 metres, while the whiter light output can considerably reduce driver eye fatigue and improves safety by increasing overall road visibility.

Despite the performance gains, Platinum Plus 130 globes are ADR approved and totally street legal, providing a safe upgrade to OEM lighting across a wide variety of car, light commercial and motorcycle applications.

Another benefit of Narva’s new globes is that there is no increase in power draw or heat displacement meaning the globes are suitable for fitment in polycarbonate headlamps.
Available in 12V in H4 (60/55W) and H7 (55W) types, globes can be purchased from leading automotive outlets.

The Platinum Plus 130 globes are the latest addition to the Narva performance globe range.
Also available are ‘Plus 60 Longer Life’, ‘24V Plus 100’, ‘Plus 100’, ‘Plus 120’, ‘Blue Plus 110’ ‘Arctic Plus 50’ and ‘Intense Blue Plus 30’ allowing users to select a globe to best suit their needs.