Renault Dealer Awards

Justin Hocevar and Don Calvert
Justin Hocevar and Don Calvert

Renault Dealer of the Year Awards

Renault Australia’s star continues to rise in the passenger, sports and light commercial vehicle markets, boosted by a growing network of highly motivated and committed dealers.

Celebrating a further increase in the number of active outlets in the network in 2015, Renault has rewarded the cream of the crop at its annual Dealer Brilliance Awards.

At a sparkling event held in Sydney, Justin Hocevar, Renault Australia Managing Director commended the entire network for its enthusiasm, imagination and dedication to delivering an unforgettable experience for customers. Renault notched another record tally of deliveries in 2015 for the 4th successive year.

With more than 50 dealers in the network, competition for recognition in the annual Dealer Brilliance Awards becomes harder with each passing year. However Don Calvert’s team at Essendon Renault once again proved that it knows how to win, not only awards, but also the hearts of its customers.

Justin presented Don with the 2015 Renault Dealer Brilliance for Excellence Award, and also the Highest Volume Award (for the second year running), and the Approved Used Metro Dealer of the Year award, underlining Essendon Renault’s commitment to customer satisfaction at all levels, and proving that a winning team is hard to beat.

Finalists for the 2015 Renault Dealer Brilliance for Excellence Award were Brighton Renault (VIC) and Peter Warren Renault (NSW).

Understanding that the automotive retail business is complex, competitive, and more than just focused on new vehicle sales, the Renault Australia Dealer Brilliance Awards continues to provide recognition of excellence across all areas of dealership operation.

As such, Peter Warren Renault, won the 2015 Commercial Dealer of the Year award, and the 2015 Renault Australia Provincial Dealer of the Year award went to Ballarat Renault, for the second year running.

The 2015 Approved Used Vehicle Provincial Dealer of the Year was won by Launceston’s Neil Buckby Motors.

Shepparton Renault, which has been trading for little over a year, collected the 2015 Managing Director’s Award for Brilliance, while the 2015 New Dealer Award was presented to Warrnambool Renault. The 2015 Customer Service Excellence Award was secured by Geelong’s Rex Gorrell Prestige.

Identifying the best-performing dealerships is facilitated via a sophisticated balanced scorecard process that rates each dealership against a wide array of criteria. Winners must demonstrate consistent best practice across all operational categories.

The comprehensive criteria set for each award is closely reviewed across the entire year as a means of rewarding consistency.

“Renault Australia is delighted to be able to reward dealers exhibiting such a consistently high standard, so congratulations to all the winners, especially the repeat winners,” Justin Hocevar said.

“Undoubtedly, Renault is a brand on the move and there will be no let up in the pace of expansion of our network, bringing our products and services closer to more Australians each year.

“We revel in the strong culture of excellence within the network, and this leads directly to high customer satisfaction, which leads to greater loyalty and ultimately a stronger business model for our retail partners.

“For Renault there is no let up in our growth plans, and during 2016 we will welcome several significant new models to our line-up, which we are confident will draw even more customers to a Renault showroom for the first time.

“In presenting the 2015 Dealer Brilliance Awards, we are recognising outstanding performers who share our passion for the Renault brand and delighting customers. Congratulations to all our winners,” Justin said.

The winners of the 2015 Renault Dealer of the Year awards are:

2015 Award category: Winning Dealer: Presented to:
1st – Dealer of the Year for Brilliance Essendon Renault Don Calvert
2nd – Dealer of the Year for Brilliance Brighton Renault Mark Avis
3rd – Dealer of the Year for Brilliance Peter Warren Renault Kevin Abood
Managing Director’s Award Shepparton Renault Aaron Brain
Approved Used Vehicle Award – Metro Essendon Renault Don Calvert
Approved Used Vehicle Award – Provincial Neil Buckby Renault Ben Newman
Provincial Dealer of the Year Ballarat Renault Carl Morandi & Ric DeRuiter
Highest Volume Dealer Essendon Renault Don Calvert
New Dealer of the Year Warrnambool Renault Allan Marsh
Customer Service Excellence Rex Gorrell Prestige Renault Brett Gorrell
Commercial Vehicle Dealer of the Year Peter Warren Renault Kevin Abood