Renault X-Track and Master 4×4 enhance LCV performance for tough conditions – Renault LCV introduces new enhanced traction technology engineered to meet the needs of business customers who operate in tough conditions.

renault Kangoo xtrack
The increasingly capable Renault kangoo

The new Renault X -Track technology designed for the LCV range provides higher traction performance in particularly challenging conditions. This new, affordable feature is available across the Kangoo, Trafic and Master ranges.

In addition, Renault Master now offers a 4×4 transmission to provide outstanding traction for particularly difficult terrain.

Renault in Australia will evaluate these new additions to the three LCV model ranges with a view to making them available in due course.

“When it comes to traction performance, the needs of business customers can vary significantly depending on the terrain, conditions, type of work and payload,” says Lyndon Healey, Renault Australia Model Line Manager for LCV.

“Compared with a standard transmission, the new Renault X-Track 4×2 technology delivers superior mobility on difficult terrain, in snow, unsealed surfaces and on poor quality roads.

Renault Traffic
Renault Traffic going where many vans would fail to go!

“The Renault X-Track 4×2 is an alternative to four-wheel drive when off-road capability is not required. It delivers exceptional performance on poor roads and in difficult conditions. The option is available on Kangoo, Trafic and Master from the factory and we plan to evaluate the systems locally to determine their suitability for the Australian market,” Lyndon says.

Renault has also announced a 4×4 version of the Master large van, designed for maximum comfort and safety with optimised grip for use in slippery conditions.

Renault Master 4×4 drivers can choose between two modes: 4×2 transmission for normal roads or a 4×4 mode for poor quality roads or off-road use.

In 4×4 mode, the Renault Master 4×4 can be driven on inclines, slippery ground, unsealed surfaces, damp fields, muddy ground, poor roads, etc.

The 4×4 feature is being made available by the factory for both versions of the Master cab-chassis, for Single and Dual Cab models, as well as for rear-wheel drive van bodies.

Renault xtrack“Renault Australia will carry out specific market evaluation on the Master 4×4 in the near future to determine its suitability for our driving conditions,” Lyndon says.

“There is a large market for 4×4 Dual Cabs in Australia and with our high payload and up to 7-seat capacity, a Master 4×4 could be a handy addition to the range,” he says.